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Acquisition Criteria


  • Sizable but fragmented 

  • In a fertile niche of the economy 

  • Recession resistant 

  • A stable to expansive outlook,

For example (but not limited to):​

  • Equipment rental

  • Sustainable food and agriculture

  • Construction and industrial waste recycling

  • Specialty manufacturing or materials processing

  • Property and grounds maintenance

  • Transportation and storage

  • Other business or government services

  • Laboratory analysis

  • Software or technology


  • Owner seeking transition

  • Reliable revenue from a robust customer base

  • Long-time employees and customers

  • Solid middle management

  • Good supplier relationships

  • Socially and environmentally responsible, or able to become so

  • Based in Northern New England, the Canadian Maritime provinces, or the Republic of Ireland


  • Annual EBITDA of at least $1 million

  • Stable or growing steadily

  • EBITDA margin of at least 10 percent

  • History of profitability


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