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Over the Mountains

Energize Your Legacy

Brackenwell's mission is to preserve the value of businesses in transition for the communities they serve,
and to inject new vigor for the future of their customers, employees, and investors.

Search and Sow

Brackenwell has two separate but complementary functions:

consulting services for outside private equity investors, and search and acquisition for ourselves. 

Our consulting services consist of reaching out to owners of small to medium-sized businesses,

piecing together their stories to understand whether they might be a good fit for investor clients.

In work toward our own acquisition, we are focusing on areas of interest that tie in to our science background.  

We want to partner with retiring or transitioning owners that want their company to stay whole.

We aren't a Wall Street-style private equity firm.  We aren’t a venture capital fund.  And we aren’t a nonprofit.  

Brackenwell is a boutique private equity fund.  We are poised to achieve robust profitability because our founder is utilizing her unique resources and insight to find one great steady-going concern in a fertile economic niche.

Search funds such as Brackenwell empower Main Street investors to overtake the yields of much of the Wall Street crowd.  
See the 2018 Stanford Search Fund Study.

Brackenwell's social mission is to keep our acquired business flourishing well into the future

for the benefit of the customers, the employees, and the community we serve.



The main characteristic that Brackenwell is seeking in its acquisition candidates is steady profitability.

We are looking for a business that has found a small but necessary niche of the economy, where competition is limited, and customers are reliable because they themselves rely on the business for a recurring need.  We are also looking for a happy ship, where employees enjoy putting their energies into the business and each other.  We want to continue to serve our acquired company’s customers, employees, and community.

Equally important, we are seeking a business whose owner is ready for a transition.  We are flexible about the shape of that transition.

And generally, we are looking for a business that already is or can be made to be socially and environmentally responsible.

Investment Value

Brackenwell stands out among boutique private equity funds.  Its founder and principal is distinctive in gender, education, and experience.  As such, an investment in Brackenwell is an investment in diversification.

Our unique perspective equips us to track down a strong business with reliable revenue in a fruitful niche of the economy.  And we'll utilize all its resources intelligently to nurture and grow the company.

Our fund is fully subscribed and is not seeking new investors.  If you might be interested in future opportunities, please contact us.

Fern Plant


Brackenwell is the brain child of Anne Marie Pecha, an entrepreneur, mother of four, journalist, and scientist dedicated to nurturing your investment.

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